Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)

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American Environmental Assessment & Solutions, Inc.

American Environmental is a leading environmental company located in Brooklyn, NY. We offer a wide range of environmental services providing our customers with the safest and most cost effective solutions to all their environmental needs. American Environmental services are SOLUTIONS to your environmental problems. We first understand our clients’ project goals, and design solutions that are consistent with those goals.

  • We provide cost-effective strategies that fit the clients’ budget and schedule.
  • We take pride in the quality of our work.

American Environmental staff strives to provide solutions that serve your long-term environmental needs. Our satisfied client base includes home owners, property management companies, law firms, real-estate developers, institutional lending agencies, petroleum industry leaders, government agencies, architects, engineers and industrial corporations.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and Phase II Subsurface Investigation

We provide environmental 'due diligence' services & sub-surface investigations prior to your real estate transaction.

NYC E-Designation

The E-Designation rule sets forth procedures that property owners must follow prior to obtaining NYC building permits.

Site Remediation

Site-remediation is the process of removing polluted or contaminated soil, sediment, surface water, or groundwater to reduce the impact on people, or the environment.

Hazardous Materials

We assess & investigate sites suspected of containing hazardous waste, or materials that pose a substantial (or potential) threat to public health, or the environment.

We Deliver High-Quality & Low-Cost


Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Environmental Site Assessment is the study of a property to identify potential or existing environmental contamination or liabilities. A Phase I ESA report is usually prepared for real estate holdings, developers and financial institutions.

NYC E-Designation

An E-designation relating to air, noise or hazardous material prevents any new construction to occur, and building permit(s) are not approved until the environmental requirements can be satisfied.

Vapor Intrusion Investigation

Vapor Intrusion refers to the process by which volatile chemicals move from a subsurface source into the indoor air of overlying or adjacent buildings.

How It Works

Our Assessment Process

Request a Meeting

First, we understand your project goals, then explore solutions that achieve those goals in order to determine the best site assessment strategy.

Receive Custom Plan

We provide our clients with a (ESA) report of our observations and conclusions, which is presented in accordance with standard practices.

Let’s Make it Happen

We ensure that our clients fully understand the (ESA) report to get their property in compliance before proceeding with their real estate transaction.

For Property Owners and Managers

American Environmental has also performed an extensive number of Phase I ESA on commercial, mixed-use, industrial and residential properties for a variety of customers to evaluate its environmental condition(s) and identify any Recognized Environmental Concerns (RECs) that could be a liability or become a future liability.


More About Us

We are well versed in numerous, lender-specific scopes of work. Our ESAs include extensive documentation of a property’s environmental condition, providing resolution of detected recognized environmental conditions and, when necessary, recommendations to bring these conditions to closure.

Production 90%
Utilization Works 80%
EPC Works 70%
Customer Satisfaction 94%

Numbers Speak

New York Environmental Stats

This Data Was Collected From The EPA & The NYSDEC, during 2018-2019.


Spill Incidents
Remained Open


Bulk Storage
Site Inspections


Superfund Sites
Were Cleaned Up


Brownfield Sites
Were Assessed


*We can participate on MTA, New York State Department of Transportation (DOT), Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, and federally assisted projects.

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