American Environmental Phase I ESA includes:

  •  A review of historical and current environmental records and documentation pertaining to the Site, including review of Sanborn Insurance Maps, aerial photos and USGS 7.5′ topographical maps;
  •  Regulatory records review, including Federal, State, Local and Tribal records concerning the property and the neighboring properties;
  •  Performance of an on-site visit to view present conditions and evaluate any likely environmentally hazardous site history;
  •  Evaluation of risks of neighboring properties upon the subject property;
  •  Interview of persons knowledgeable regarding the property history (past owners, present owner, key site manager, present tenants, neighbors);
  •  Professional report, including conclusions and recommendations concerning the property, based on our professional judgment and findings.

Our Phase I ESAs will protect your assets by offering the degree of detail required to legally meet your environmental due diligence obligations as defined in ASTM E 1527. Our reports are guaranteed to meet or exceed the ASTM Standard for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.