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Key Revisions to ASTM 1527-05 coming soon:

Soil vapor investigation will now be treated in the same way as groundwater investigation. Soil vapor investigations will be a part of Phase I ESAs once the new revision is put into effect.

The definition for Historical Recognized Environmental Conditions (HRECs) and Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) will be revised.

A new term, Controlled Recognized Environmental Conditions (CRECs), will be created.

Regulatory file reviews will be more stringent. Explanations for the reason for considering a hazardous property listed in an environmental database as pertinent to the target property's environmental health would be required.

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After an environmental assessment of a vacant lot that our client had planned on purchasing revealed several Recognized Environmental Conditions, American Environmental was able to successfully remediate and restore Site conditions enabling redevelopment of the property.


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American Environmental welcomes its newest team member: Mr.Eugene Kuksa!

Adding his knowledge and expertise to American Environmental, Mr. Kuksa will work on various environmental projects including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Subsurface Investigation in an Environmental Scientist capacity. Welcome!!!

Hope you're having a great summer and enjoying the summer weather as much as the staff of American Environmental! Here at American Environmental we strive for successful completion of any task or challenge presented!

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