American Environmental is highly experienced in creating contingency plans for commercial and industrial sites. Our contingency plans are created to allow clients to continue business and site operations with as little downtime as possible; as soon as possible after an incident.

Contingency plans are documents for use by all site personnel responding to environmental emergencies at a property. Contingency plans are often used for risk management purposes in order for businesses or institutions to continue to function in the event that an incident occurs which can lead to large cost savings. American Environmental contingency plans follow all applicable regulatory agency rules and regulations. Contingency plans typically include a description of the area covered by the plan, a description of owner and other site personnel responsibilities during a discharge or threat of discharge mitigation. Contingency plans will usually include resources for response and planning, and descriptions of procedures in order to optimize personnel communication and coordination during a response effort. Contingency plans may also provide guidelines for identifying waste disposal options and preferential disposal alternatives. Ask about expedited turnaround times and a free cost estimate today.

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